Use Image Delivery Server ( IDS ) for image display on your Smithsonian web page, you can use the following Syntax:

SIRIS Horizon Users link single images in 856 tags
SIRIS Horizon Users link dynamic image set in 856 tags

To display this image:

As a zoom-able image, issue a call through IDS by adding the following prefix of the image:

Examples: where "OFEO-SG-PA684011" is the Uniqe Asset Name in DAMS

(Tip: In your html page, you can use <iframe> </iframe> tag NOT <img src> </img src> tag.)


As a fixed size image; add the following prefix and sufix to your image: and &max=nnn or &max_h=nnn or &max_w=nnn



In your html page, you can use <img src> </img src> tag.

Image Display via Dynamic Slideshows

You can create dynamic slideshows by recording a EAD Ref ID in the DAMS, or by building DAMS folders.
Individual images on display will also include the following metadata fields from the DAMS:

 Dams table.fieldSlideshow viewer Label: contents
 si_asset_metadata.group_titleGroup Title: group_title contents
 si_asset_metadata.series_titleSeries Title: series_title contents
 si_asset_metadata.collection_titleCollection Title: collection_title contents
 si_asset_metadata.container_titleContainer Title: container_title contents
 si_asset_metadata.titleTitle: title contents
 si_asset_metadata.captionCaption: caption contents
 si_aset_metadata.eventEvent: event contents
 uois.nameImage name: name contents
 [pathstring]*Contained within: pathstring contents
 si_asset_metadata.work_creation_dateDate: work_creation_date contents
 si_asset_metadata.rights_summary_coreCopyright: rights_summary_core contents
 [repository_id}**Repository: repository contents

The slideshow syntax is in the form of a URL.
For an EAD Ref Id slideshow, the prefix of the URL is "", followed by the EAD Ref ID.
For a DAMS folder path slideshow, the prefix of the URL is: "", the rest of the syntax is the actual folder path in the DAMS.

Examples of slideshows with their respective data from the DAMS data fields:

Please make sure folder path and names DO NOT contain any spaces or punctuation except for underscores or hyphens.

Slideshows can be used to link in CIS records, SIRIS HIP, Transcription Center or any websites.


For any questions, please contact Ching-hsien Wang via Smithsonian email.