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Smithsonian Institutional History

The Smithsonian Legal Documents contains 1300 annotated citations to legal documents that are significant in history of the Smithsonian Institution. Types of documents include statutes at large, court cases, wills and bequests, executive orders, legal opinions, and special reports. Each entry consists of a title, date, creator, archival location and/or publication information, a short legal citation, relevant title in the U.S. Code, and format. Entries were compiled from primary sources in the Smithsonian Institution Archives and secondary sources documenting the history of the Institution. Some documents have been digitized, with links to text files. To search the legal documents only, select the combined keyword search screen and limit your search to Smithsonian Legal Documents. You may also limit your search to a specific publication date range or sort by U.S. Statute volume number, U.S. Code title number, author, date, title, etc. To limit or sort your search using the browse indexes, select the browse search screen and use the limits and sort functions on the results screen.


Copyright 2003 Smithsonian Institution. Data may be used solely for non-commercial study or research purposes. Commercial use of information obtained through the History of the Smithsonian catalog is prohibited without the express written consent of the Smithsonian Institution.

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Contact Information

Inquiries about the history of the Smithsonian should be directed to the address below. As this catalog is an active project, we welcome comments from users on corrections and additions to the catalog entries. Citations to or reprints of items relevant to this catalog or that should be added to this catalog should be sent to the address below.

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