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The History of the Smithsonian Chronology is a list of the significant events in the history of the Smithsonian Institution, from the life of James Smithson in the 1700s to the present. The database is maintained ty the Institutional History Division of the Smithsonian Institution Archives and contains c. 2500 entries. Each entry consists of an event title, date, abstract, references, explanatory notes, and index terms. Entries were compiled from primary sources in the Smithsonain Institution Archives and secondary sources documenting the history of the Institution.

For additional information on the history of the Smithsonian in SIRIS, consult the History of the Smithsonian bibliography under Specialized Bibliographies.

Copyright 1996 Smithsonian Institution. Data may be used solely for non-commercial study or research purposes. Commercial use of information obtained through the Chronology is prohibited without the express written consent of the Smithsonian Institution.

As this catalog is an active project, we welcome comments from users on corrections and additions to the chrolology entries. Citations to or reprints of publications documenting events that should be added to this catalog should be sent to the address below.

Institutional History Division
Smithsonian Institution Archives
Arts & Industries, Room 2135, MRC 414
Washington, D.C. 20560-0414

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