SIRIS via Citrix Server

SIRIS access via a Citrix Server

    SIRIS Member Units can access SIRIS via a Citrix Server provided and maintained by OCIO Network division.

Requesting access via Citrix

    All requests for access by means of the Citrix Server should be directed through HEAT.
      SIRIS Members should include the following information in their HEAT ticket request:

        Name of person needing an account
        Phone Number
        Current Novell Account
        Where employed if non-SI
        How this will benefit SI
        Length of time the account will be needed
      Following the Heat ticket request, please print and fill out the following OCIO Requestion form:
      Citrix Access Request Form.
      Return the form as directed in the form.

Problems with your Citrix connection

    All problems with Citrix connections to SIRIS should be directed to OCIO Network division via HEAT.