The Archives at the National Museum of the American Indian hold approximately 300 linear feet of manuscript material, more than 180,000 photographic images, and thousands of motion picture and audio recordings documenting comtemporary and traditional lifeways and art of the native people of North, Central and South America, as well as the activities of the Museum of American Indian, Heye Foundation.

The following is a list of major collections from Archives cataloged in Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS):


Alanson Buck Skinner Photograph Collection, 1870-1923
Skinner, Alanson Buck, 1886-1925
454 Negatives
99 b&w Photo prints
5 Lantern slides

Donald A. Cadzow Photograph Collection, 1882-1919.
Cadzow, Donald A., 1894-1960
322 negatives
8 b&w photographic prints

Edward Harvey Davis Photograph Collection, 1903-1939.
Davis, Edward Harvey, 1862-1951
1950 Negatives
770 b&w Photographic prints

Frank Gouldsmith Speck Photograph Collection, 1885-1934.
Speck, Frank Gouldsmith, 1881-1950
1428 Negatives
40 b&w Photographic prints

Frederick Starr Photograph Collection, 1894-1910.
Starr, Frederick, 1859-1933
3344 Negatives
152 Lantern slides

George Hubbard Pepper Photograph Collection, 1895-1918
Pepper, George Hubbard, 1873-1924
1292 Negatives
23 b&w Photographic prints

Harriman Alaska Expedition Photograph Collection, 1899, 1914
Harriman, Edward Henry, 1848-1909
396 latern slides.
286 b&w photographic prints.
6 negatives.

Leuman Maurice Waugh papers, 1909-1963.
Waugh, Leuman Maurice, 1877-1972
2.1 linear ft. (5 boxes; 1 map case drawer).

Mark Raymond Harrington Photograph Collection, 1899-1947.
Harrington, Mark Raymond
2133 negatives
174 b&w photographic prints
3 lantern slides

Mary Harriman Rumsey Photograph Collection, 1899, 1914.
Rumsey, Mary Harriman, 1881-1934
lantern slides 396
photographic prints 286 b&w
negatives 6

Nelson Appleton Miles Photograph Collection, 1864-1912.
Miles, Nelson, Appleton, 1839-1925
300: b&w photographic prints.
9: negatives.

William Wildschut Photograph Collection, 1888-1927.
Wildschut, William, 1883-1955
329 Negatives
49 b&w Photographic prints

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