SIRIS Marc field 596 -- Digital Surrogates Updated: 2/13/02

$3 Material Specified (NR, Optional)
Part of the item described in the bibliographic record to which a digital surrogate was created (E.g. Entire, Front, p.1, p 33, Photographs, Entire except envelope, Diary, 1933-1934, p.1-4

$4 Derive From ( Optional)
Describe where the derivative was made from. E.g. Master, ES234.tiff

$a Type of Surrogate (NR )
E.g., Master copy, Reference, Thumbnail, etc.

$b File Name (R)
Repeatable for all files associated with subfield a if needed.

$c Time of action (R)
The concrete time or date the digital surrogate was produced (e.g. 2002/02/06)

$f Authorization (R)
Person, project or purpose for digital version: i.e. Authorization for this digital version to be made.

$i Hardware used (R, Optional)
Equiptment for the digitization. Be specific with brand, model #, type, etc.

$j Software used (R)
Software used for the digitizing action. E.g., Adobe 6.0 , Ms Image 2.3, etc.

$ k Agent (R)
The person or vendor who created the digital surrogate.

$l Status (R)
Status may include copyright or other status. Be specific.

$ n File size (R)
File size of the digital file.

$s Storage location (R,l )
Physical location of the file stored. E.g., CD label, Storage device/server name and directory path.

$t Technical specification (R) Technical specification followed to produce the digital version. E.g., DPI of scan, Kilohertz (KHz?) for sound digitization, etc, frame rate for video (e.g., 15 frames/sec).

$u Uniform Resource Locator ( R, Optional)
URL, for example a URL or URN, which provides electronic access data in a standard syntax. May use 856 $u instead.

$v Description of digitizing process (Optional)
Descriptions of special processing has been done to added to the digital file such as watermark, color bar, sharpening, contracting, etc.

$x Non-public Note
Information that is not written in a form adequate for public display.

$z Public Note