This online searchable Directory of Airplanes is a continuation and extention of a publication "The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Directory of Airplanes: their Designers and Manufacturers (ISBN: 1-85367-276-9). Edited by Dana Bell, the book is an attempt to create a single authoritative listing of aircraft names organized by designer or manufacturer. The Library of Congress has assigned the Directory the cataloging code, “smda” to be used in MARC records by catalogers.

Book cover, Directory of AirplanesThis listing grew from a National Air and Space Museum (NASM) effort to process and describe the Aircraft Reference Files in the Museum's Archives Division. Although we recognize that the 34,000 aircraft and 6600 companies and designers featured here do not constitute a complete listing of aircraft types, we still hope that our efforts will prove useful to other museums and archives, historians, authors, publishers and enthusiasts.

This online version of the directory allows you to search airplane entries by model and manufacturer in their full or partial names. See and See also cross references are provided to assist users to find entries more easily. The retrieved models are grouped by its designer or manufacturers on display. Many model and manufacturer names contained history notes for additional information. Just click on Note icon to display them.

Please note that this Directory has focused only on human-carrying, heavier-than-air vehicles that are supported primarily by dynamic lift. This includes airplanes, gliders, hang gliders, helicopters, autogiros and ornithopters. Thus, the Directory does not include lighter-than-air aircraft (such as balloons and dirigibles), missiles, rockets, spacecraft, and any aircraft designed to fly as a drone, remotely piloted vehicle (RPV), or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

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Amendments: While every efforts has been made to keep this listing accurate and complete, we recognized that errors and omissions are unavoidable. We welcome all comments which will help us improve future updates of this Directory. Please send any documented corrections, additions, or comments to us at:

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