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History of Smithsonian Combined Catalog
The History of the Smithsonian catalog searches across five databases documenting the history of the Smithsonian: Smithsonian History Bibliography, Smithsonian History Chronology, Smithsonian Legal Documents, Historic Images of the Smithsonian, and Smithsonian Board of Regents. Results can be limited to a single database or sorted by database. To search a single database, select the combined keyword search screen and limit your search to that database. To use the browse function for a single database, use the limit function on your results screen. See Special Topics tab for pre-set searches on special topics on the history of the Smithsonian.
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History of Smithsonian Bibliography
The History of Smithsonian Bibliography contains 1400 annotated bibliographic citations describing published and unpublished materials (books, journal and newspaper articles, dissertations, reports, lectures, and correspondence) about the history ofthe Smithsonian Institution.
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History of Smithsonian Chronology
The History of Smithsonian Chronology contains 2400 records documenting significant events in the history of the Smithsonian Institution, from the life of James Smithson in the 1700s to the present. Events documented include new programs, buildings, exhibits, expeditions, expositions, important staff appointments, special events, and special acquisitions, etc.
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Smithsonian Legal Documents
The Smithsonian Legal Documents contains 1300 citations to legal documents that are significant in history of the Smithsonian Institution, including statutes at large, court cases, wills and bequests, executive orders, legal opinions, and special reports. Some documents have been digitized, with links to text files.
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Historical Images of the Smithsonian
The Historic Images of the Smithsonian consists of 3000 citations to historic images of the Smithsonian, primarily from the Smithsonian Institution Archives. Types of images include people, buildings, artifacts and specimens, exhibits, expeditions, expositions, and special events, ranging from the Smithson family in the 1700s to the present. Each entry consists of text information about each image. Some images have been digitized, and jpegs of those are available. For permission to reproduce or publish, contact or call 202-633-5870. To order reproductions, call 202-633-1933 or contact
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Smithsonian Board of Regents
The Smithsonian Board of Regents contains biographical information on the over 300 members of the Institutionís Board of Regents, from our founding in 1846 to the present. Entries consist of names, titles, birth and death dates, occupations, tenures as a Regent, public law appointing them, special roles as a Regent, type of Regent, the state they are from, biographical citations and sources of images.
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For further information about the History of the Smithsonian catalog, visit our website at: You can also reach us at Institutional History Division, Smithsonian Institution Archives, P. O. Box 37012, Capital Gallery Building, Suite 3000, MRC 507, Washington, D.C., 20013-7012, Telephone: 202-633-5910, E-mail:

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