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If you have questions or comments about the SIRIS catalogs, please send them to siris@.si.edu. If you have any other questions or comments for the Smithsonian, you can send them to info@si.edu.


SIRIS Mission

"The Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) is an interactive, integrated system applying established national standards to manage, describe, and provide access to research resources held primarily by the Institution's libraries, archives, and research units in support of the Institution's mission. SIRIS supports the Smithsonian research community by providing a gateway to and from other Institution information resources and to external information resources."

SIRIS Member Units

The following Smithsonian offices contribute data to the SIRIS catalogs. Click on the name of the office to visit their web site and find out more about their collections and services.

Library Catalog

Archives & Manuscripts Catalog

American Art Museum Art Research Database Catalogs

Specialized Research Bibliographies Catalog

History of Smithsonian Catalog

SIRIS Cataloging Standards and References

Cataloging online references

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