The Marine Mammals Bibliography

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The Marine Mammals Bibliography describes publications (books, journal articles, etc.) about marine mammals and related subjects (fisheries, food, etc.). The bibliography consists of two files of citations: Allen and Mead. The Allen file represents citations contained in Allen, J.A. 1882. Preliminary list of works and papers relating to the mammalian orders Cete and Sirenia. Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories 6(3): 399-562. This annotated bibliography covers the period from Albertus Magnus (1495) to the end of the year 1840. The Mead file represents citations that concentrate on Cetacean systematics, life history and anatomy, particularly of the families Ziphiidae (beaked whales) and Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins).

Together, the two sets provide a very complete bibliography of scientific work on marine mammals, extensively indexed for taxonomic levels, subjects, and geographic location. As this catalog is an active project, we solicit comments from users on corrections and additions to bibliographic entries. Reprints of publications not listed in this catalog are requested to be sent to the address below. The individuals responsible for the Marine Mammal Bibliographic Catalog are: James Mead and Charles Potter. Comments can be sent to:

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