The National Anthropological Archives collects and preserves historical and contemporary anthropological materials that document the world's cultures and the history of anthropology, including manuscripts, fieldnotes, correspondence, photographs, maps, sound recordings, film and video created by Smithsonian anthropologists and other preeminent scholars; records of anthropological organizations; 400,000 photographs, including some of the earliest images of indigenous people worldwide; and 20,000 works of native art, mainly North American, Asian, and Oceanic.

The following is a list of major collections from NAA cataloged in Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS):


Field notes on the Maricopa language 1962
Wares, Alan C.
1 microfiche
27 frames

Field notes on the Paipai language 1955
Wares, Alan C.
2 microfiche
113 frames

Field notes on the Tipai language 1953; 1955
Wares, Alan C.
1 microfiche
89 frames

Field notes on the Walapai language 1962
Wares, Alan C.
1 microfiche
64 frames

[Film Studies of Traditional Indian Life in Brazil: Canela, 1979] 1979
39,540 ft sound color film

Flying Out drawings of Cheyenne battles and Silver Horn drawing of Kiowa medicine lodge ceremony, ca. 1904.
8 drawings : graphite, colored pencil, and ink ; 26 x 37 cm.-62 x 102 cm.

Fort Berthold Action Anthropology Project records, 1930-1955.
University of Chicago Fort Berthold Project
13 boxes

Four drawings by anonymous Cheyenne artist, before 1876.
4 drawings (2 leaves) : graphite and colored pencil ; 16 x 24 cm.-16 x 29 cm.

Four Horns copy of Sitting Bull and Jumping Bull pictographic autobiographies, 1870.
Four Horns
55 drawings (54 leaves) : colored pencil, ink, and watercolor ; 18 x 26 cm.

Fox field notes and Fox Project records, 1932-1959, bulk 1932-1934 and 1948-1959.
Tax, Sol, 1907
21 boxes

Fragment of fifteen-volume cartoon series 1814-1850
Hokusai 1760-1849
17 22 x16 cm sheets

Frank A. Dubinskas Papers
Dubinskas, Frank A. Frank Anthony
4 linear feet

Frank H.H. Roberts and Edwin N. Wilmsen Papers Concerning the Lindenmeier Site, Larimer County, Colorado 1934-1978
Roberts, Frank Harold Hanna Jr
ca. 1.2 linear meters ca. 4 linear feet

Frank Spencer Papers, 1836-1999
Spencer, Frank, 1941-1999
7 linear feet (94 boxes, 1 oversized box)

Frederica de Laguna Papers, 1890-2004, bulk 1923-2004
De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004
38 linear feet (77 boxes, 118 audio reels, 2 map drawers)

Gambier Notebook 1830s-40s
Hale, Horatio Emmons
113 pages
1 volume

Garrick Mallery collection on sign language and pictography.
Mallery, Garrick
12 boxes

Gary Auerbach's Native American Portraits
Auerbach, Gary
44 platinum prints

George Barbour Papers
Barbour, George B. geologist
3 linear feet

George Easton Simpson Photographs 1936-1064
Simpson, George Eaton, 1904
ca. 900 items

George Eaton Simpson 1947-1964
Simpson, George Eaton, 1904
ca. 900 photographic items (considerable duplication)

George Gibbs, 1815-1973; historian and ethnologist
Beckham, Stephen Dow
1 reel

George J. Gibbs Letterbook 1874-1878
Gibbs, George J. Born ca.1833
1 book
300 pages

George R. Saunders Papers, 1974-1975
Saunders, George R., 1946
0.42 linear foot (1 box)

George V. Allen Photographic Collection 1860s-1930s
Allen, George V.
ca. 1500 items

George V. Allen Photographic Collection 1860s-1930s
Allen, George V.
ca. 1500 items

Glass Negatives of Indians (Collected by the Bureau of American Ethnology) 1850s-1930s
Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology
5588 negatives

Glynn Ll. Isaac Papers
Isaac, Glynn Llywelyn, 1937-1985
100 linear feet

Gordon Davis Gibson Papers 1957-1983
Gibson, Gordon Davis
ca. 1.9 linear meters ca. 6.3 linear feet

Gordon Macgregor Papers 1935-1966 1951-1966
Macgregor, Gordon 1902-1948
6 linear feet

Guaymi Photographs 1983
Bletzer, Keith V.
73 prints

Guinea-fowl type of birds and leguans, signed "Bela"
1 painting

Hale G. Smith Photographs
Smith, Hale G.
102 photographic prints
125 photographic negtives
8 rolls of negatives

Hannah Marie Wormington Papers
Wormington, Hannah Marie
25.8 linear feet (58 boxes, 1 oversized, 1 lantern slide tray)

Harold K. Schneider Papers 1919-1960 1949-1960
Schneider, Harold Kenneth 1925-1987
ca. 4.5 linear feet

Headband, sashes and belts of woven beadwork
1 Photograph

Helen L. Peterson Papers
Peterson, Helen L. Dakota-Colville
ca. 16 feet

Henri Geiger Omwake papers, circa 1940-1967.
Omwake, Henri Geiger, 1907-1967
22 boxes

Henry Bacom Collins, Jr. Papers 1730-1977 1922-1970
Collins, Henry Bascom, 1899-1987
34 linear feet

Henry Collins in the field 1926
1 print

Herbert S. Lewis Papers
Lewis, Herbert Samuel
1 cubic foot

Herbert William Krieger Papers 1790s-1950s; 1920s-1950s
Krieger, Herbert William 1889-1970
14 linear feet

"Historical sketches of the Cherokees: Together with some of their Customs, Traditions and Superstitions.
Wah-Ne-Nau-Hi Cherokee
70 pages

Homer Garner Barnett Papers 1934-1973
Barnett, Homer Garner 1908
7.5 linear feet (18 boxes & 0.5 inch of map drawer)

Illustrations for Bulletin 137
Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum Department of Anthropology
ca. 80 illustrations

Illustrations for Douglas H. Ubelaker's Human Bone and Archeology
11 prints

Index to letters concerning archeological sites 1920s-1940s
Stirling, Matthew Williams 1896-1975
3 inches

Indian Activities and Animals 1851
MŽollhausen, Balduin, 1825-1905
9 drawings

Indian dancer
Hokeah, Jack, 1902-1969
2 pages

Indian hunter n.d. Stereographic photograph
1 stereograph

Indian Legends of the Northwest Coast Collected by Franz Boas 1895
Boas, Franz 1858-1942
599 pages

Indian observance of 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn 1976
Mealy, Cliff
21 items

Indian Paintings from the Painted Rock, San Luis Obispo, California
Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum Department of Anthropology Division of Archeology

Indians of the Northwest Plateau, and cedar baskets; signed "Duncan" 1853-55
Duncan, Johnson Kelly Lt
13 pages

Indians of the Northwest Plateau, and stinkum, a native plant, signed "G. Sohon" 1853-62
Sohon, Gustavus
23 pages

"Indians painted by A. Zeno Shindler, Artist, United States National Museum" Lists
Shindler, Antonio Zeno
2 pages

Indians with members of the law firm of Serven and Potter 1930; 1934
2 prints

Ink sketches, tracings, clippings relating to Indian pictographs
20 sheets

Iroquois mask
1 Photograph

Iroquois myths and festivals
6 drawings

Italian scenes Some March-May 1905
Bushnell, David Ives Jr. 1875-1941
25 prints

J. Walter Fewkes Collection
Fewkes, Jesse Walter, 1850-1930
4 cubic feet

Jacques Noel Jacobsen Photographs
Jacobsen, Jacques Noel Jr
9 copy prints

Jamaican photographs
Duperly, A., and Sons Kingston, Jamaica
3 items
Unmounted print

James A. Clifton's Research Files on the Kansas Potawatomi
Clifton, James Alfred
3 linear feet

James B. Watson Papers
Watson, James Bennett
48 cubic feet

James L. Peacock Photographic Collection
Peacock, James L
5 cubic feet

James Mooney notebooks principally regarding Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Arapaho shield and tipi designs, ca. 1903-1904.
Mooney, James, 1861-1921
15 volumes : autograph documents, photographs, and graphite, ink, colored pencil, crayon, and watercolor drawings.

Japanese textile workers
Shindler, Antonion Zeno
2 pages

J.C. Pilling Papers 1879-1897
Pilling, James Constantine
2 linear feet correspondence

J.C. Pilling Papers 1879-1897
Pilling, James Constantine
2 linear feet correspondence

Jemez, Open and Secret
Reagan, Albert B.
355 pages

Jerome R. Mintz Papers
Mintz, Jerome R. 1930-1997
23 cubic feet

Joe Medicine Crow and members of his family 1988 Photographs
Viola, Herman Joseph 1938
11 photographs

Joe T. Marshall Photograph Collection
Marshall, Joe T.
105 items

John Buettner-Janusch Papers
Buettner-Janusch, John
59 linear feet


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