The National Anthropological Archives collects and preserves historical and contemporary anthropological materials that document the world's cultures and the history of anthropology, including manuscripts, fieldnotes, correspondence, photographs, maps, sound recordings, film and video created by Smithsonian anthropologists and other preeminent scholars; records of anthropological organizations; 400,000 photographs, including some of the earliest images of indigenous people worldwide; and 20,000 works of native art, mainly North American, Asian, and Oceanic.

The following is a list of major collections from NAA cataloged in Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS):


Red Horse's Account of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Montana, June 25, 1876, in Gesture-Signs, to illustrate the Syntax of the Sign-Language of the North American Indians 1881
McChesney, Charles E
60 pages

Regarding the existence of the "Chaco-Santiaguan civilization"
Campanella, Andrew
4 pages

Report on the Winslow Site (18 Mo 9), Montgomery County, Maryland ca. 1966(part)
Archeological Society of Maryland
ca.1.5 inches

Resolutions Concerning the Book Hanta Yo
Archambault, JoAllyn Dakota, Standing Rock
14 pages

Retirement of Douglas H. Ubelaker as Chairman January 31, 1985 Photographs
10 prints

Return of Henry Lookout documents photographs September 27, 1990
Smithsonian Institution Office of Printing and Photographic Services
1 sheet
33 contact prints from 35 mm film

Return of Henry Lookout's manuscripts September 27, 1990
Smithsonian Institution Office of Printing and Photographic Services
1 sheet
33 proof prints from 35 mm film

Reunion of Andrew Endicott Douglass's first tree ring class 1985 Photographs
6 print 5 pages of text

R.H. Ives Goddard III Papers 1965-1975
Goddard, Robert Hale Ives III
ca. .13 linear meter ca. 5 linear inches

Richard B. Johnston Papers
Johnston, Richard B. Richard Barnett, 1930
4 cubic feet

Richard C. Clark Photograph Collection 1900-1930
Clark, Richard C.
217 negatives 1 print

Richard O. Marsh collection, 1923-1994, bulk 1923-1925.
Marsh, Richard O. Richard Oglesby, 1883-1953
4 linear feet (7 boxes)

Robert Lemoyne Barrett Papers 1892-1909
Barrett, Robert Lemoyne 1871-1969
6.8 linear feet

Ruth Landes Papers 1928-1992
Landes, Ruth Schlossberg
27 linear feet

Ruth Leah Bunzel Papers
Bunzel, Ruth Leah, 1898-1990
13.5 linear ft.

Samuel and Mays Photographs Probably late 19th or early 20th century
Samuel & Mays
6 photoprints

Sand paintings
Hostin Claw
31 paintings

Saul Riesenberg's retirement party 1979
20 photoprints

Scene from the Chinese Spectacle of "The Sun and the Moon" March 9, 1870 (date of lithograph)
American Photo-lithographic Company
1 print

Scenes and natives of Samoa and Hawaii, signed "Moody"
Moody, E
61 drawings
5 photographs

Scenes in China March 1870 (lithography)
American Photo-lithographic Company
8 8 x 24 to 28 cm 8 prints

Scenes of native life including hunting, sledding, games, animal husbandry and ceremonies ca. 1890-1900
Ivanoff, Stephen ?
ca. 130 drawings

Scenes on or near the Flathead Reservation, Montana ca. 1910-1912
Patton, Arthur Earl
ca. 77 images

Schedule of congressional documents relating to Indian affairs from 1821 to 1876
196 pages

Scrapbook of illustrations and sample engravings ca. 1814-30
Lewis, James Otto, 1799-1858
33 pages

Se sa yukl, one side of a drum carved in Si' siul (double headed snake) motif; and Initiation into Tlokosla and Hawina'witl, from sides of a bedroom ca. 1895
Boas, Franz 1858-1942
2 pages

Seris and Seri artifacts 1970-1983 Photographs
McCarthy, Dennis
28 color snapshots

Shell Mounds of Latitude 42 02ş, 42 05ş, & 42 15ş, Coast of Oregon; Description of stone and other implements found in them with some notes on existing tribes of that section of the coast." December, 1873.
Chase, A. W.
75 pages

Shipibo color slides 1979
William, David E
15 prints

Silhouettes of members of a 1805-06 delegation to Washington and others February 1806
Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827
13 items

Simon Ottenberg Papers
Ottenberg, Simon
2 linear feet

Sino-French Battle Scene with Torpedo Flames
Utagawa GinjirĠo
1 sheet 37 x 72 cm
1 sheet 37 x 72 cm

Sitting Bull pictographic autobiography, 1882.
Sitting Bull, 1834?-1890
22 drawings : graphite, colored pencil, and ink ; 21 x 34 cm.

Sketch map of Trang
Abbott, William Louis, 1860-1936
1 page

Skull, grave 14, Labna, Yucatan
Andrews, R. R.
1 photograph
4 pages

Slides of Tlingit Village in Klukwan, Alaska August 6, 1993
DeArmas, Adrienne
111 slides (one set)

Small site architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico Publications in Archeology 18D, Chaco Canyon Studies 1986
McKenna, Peter J.
508 pages

Society for Applied Anthropology Records 1946-1991
Society for Applied Anthropology
17 linear feet

South African Photographs
13 photoprints

Southwestern Anthropological Society Records 1962-1982
Southwestern Anthropological Society
ca. 1.3 linear meters ca. 4.25 linear feet

Spotted Pumpkin Dance 1979
Peġna, Jose Encarnacion San Ildefonso
1 painting

Stereographs of North American Indians n.d.
Keystone View Company
50 prints

Sun Dance Circle of the Kiowa and Apache Indians during the Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867 1896
Mooney, James, 1861-1921
1 page

Symbol account books
2 books

T. Aidan and Eve Cockburn Papers and the Archives of the Paleopathology Association, 1963-2001.
60 boxes (30 linear feet)

Talks on the history of Smithsonian anthropology March 25-26, 1985
Collins, Henry Bascom, 1899-1987
2 casette tapes

Taped interviews with pure-blood Quapaws ca. 1968
McKibben, John H. Quapaw
1 reel
8 pages

Tasaday Photographs 1971
Smithsonian Institution Center for Short-lived Phenomena
23 photographs

Tennessee-North California, Mt. Guyot Sheet Map 1886
United States Geological Survey
1 Sheet 036CM x 022CM

The Bella Coola Indians December 15, 1976
Kennedy, Dorothy I. D.
68 pages

The [Chinese] Archer March 9, 1870 (date of lithograph)
American Photo-lithographic Company
1 print

The [Chinese] Stocking Maker March 9, 1870 (date of lithograph)
American Photo-lithographic Company
1 print

The Ewers-Wedel symposium April 24, 1980
14 tapes

The Indians of north-eastern Peru: fundamental researches for a systematic history of civilization
Tessman, GŜunter
1116 pages

"The Mounds of the Calapooia"
Rohrbough, Lee
1 40 x 40 inches sheet

The Northern and Kaigani Haida: A Study in Photographic Ethnohistory 1973
Blackman, Margaret Berlin
336 pages

The Townsend Site January 1950
Omwake, Henri Geiger, 1907-1967
191 pages
29 illustrations
1 volume

Thomas Temple Hoopes Papers Concerning Japanese Swords
Hoopes, Thomas Temple 1898-1981
ca. 16 inches

Tichkematse book of drawings, 1887 April.
Tichkematse, 1857-1932
21 drawings : graphite, watercolor, and ink ; 14 x 22 cm.

Tichkematse drawings of Cheyenne life, 1879.
Tichkematse, 1857-1932
25 drawings : graphite, ink, and watercolor ; 13 x 8 cm.-31 x 46 cm.

Tilton collection before 1912
Tilton, Willis G
ca. 675 negatives

Timothy Asch Papers 1966-1994
Asch, Timothy 1932-1994
ca. 62 linear feet

Totem pole of the Brown Bear and Crow (or Raven) Family August 7, 1894
Mc Cauley, C. A. H
1 sheet

Tracing of rock inscriptions at Bellows Falls, Vermont
Woodward, W. Elliott
1 3 ft. x 10 ft. piece

Traditional Korean Pottery Making 1971 Photographs
Rinzler, Ralph, 1934-1994
69 prints

Two books of Cheyenne and Arapaho drawings, ca. 1880.
2 volumes (100 drawings) : graphite, colored pencil, and ink ; 21 x 32 cm.

Two Chippewa stories from Baraga-L'Anse, Michigan 1975
Michelson, Truman
16 pages

Two manuscripts ca. 1891
Mooney, James, 1861-1921
2 pages

Two new concepts in Mayan calendrical studies 1971
Rauh, James Hulse
84 pages

Vases of white Yungcheng porcelain
1 Photograph

View of Fort Simpson (British Columbia), and Indians ca. 1880-83
Swan, James Gilchrist
7 pages

View of the Caracol at Chichen Itza
MacAdams, Cynthia
1 print

Viewing the World Renowned Italian Chiarinis Circus Performance G. Chiarinis Royal Italian Circus of European Artists of Both Sexes Open Twice Every Day
Sakura DĠoshi Kuni Masashi
1 sheet 37 x 72 cm
1 sheet 37 x 72 cm

Views made in Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, and India 1919-1926
150 slides

Views of an Algonkin birch bark canoe n.d.
3 prints

Views of cliff houses at Canyon de Chelly
Fewkes, Jesse Walter ? 1850-1930
19 mounted photographs (9 x 11.5 inches and 8 x 10 inches)

Views of Laguna, Zuni, and cliff dwellings 1911
Dow, Arthur W. Arthur Wesley, 1857-1922
24 copy prints and copy negatives

Views of Machu Picchu and Cuzco, Peru 1960's
Foute, Marguerite
45 Photographs

Virginia Drew Watson papers, 1930-2001.
Watson, Virginia
10 linear feet (20 boxes)

Vocabulary and notes February 11, 1886
Gatschet, Albert S. Albert Samuel, 1832-1907
1 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. notebook

Oscanyan, Paul
1 volume ca. 100 pages + 232 plates
15 photographs
7 framed art prints

Walter P. Zenner papers, 1935-2001.
Zenner, Walter P
16.5 linear feet (34 boxes)

Walter W. Taylor papers, 1925-1983.
Taylor, Walter W.
128 boxes

Wanapum Indians 1940s-1950s (some earlier)
Wegener, E. A.
20 copy prints

Ward Weakley Papers
Weakly, Ward F.
1 cubic foot

Watercolor painting of Corn Dance ca. 1931
Tsireh, Awa
1 painting

White Fathers photographic collection, undated.
White Fathers
circa 20,000 photographs

Whitney Halstead Collection n.d. Photographs
Halstead, Whitney
ca. 79 pints
3 thirty-five mm. proof sheets
25 negatives

Wilcomb Washburn Papers
Washburn, Wilcomb E
21 linear feet

Will and Roberta Bullard Locklear in their home November 1987
Price, Mark
1 print

William Abel Caudill Papers 1950s-early 1960s
Caudill, William Abel 1920-1972
24.25 linear feet

William Armand Lessa papers, 1927-1984, bulk 1930-1970.
Lessa, William Armand
11 linear feet (25 boxes)

William Duncan Strong papers, 1902-1965.
Strong, William Duncan, 1899-1962
31.5 linear feet (76 boxes)

William H. Sheldon Papers 1920s-1980s
Sheldon, William Herbert
ca. 120 feet

William Louis Abbott Papers 1888-1919
Abbott, William Louis, 1860-1936
9 linear feet

William S. Pollitzer Papers
Pollitzer, William S., 1923
6 cubic feet

Winifred Smeaton Thomas Papers
Thomas, Winifred Smeaton 1903
2 cubic feet

Wolf totem on grave and mortuary column at Chief Shake's house
2 pages

Wooden fish with carved figure of Indian inside, made by "an Indian from the interior," signed "J. G. Swan" June 1, 1878
Swan, James Gilchrist
1 page

Works of Harry Fonseca ca. 1989
Fonseca, Harry Maidu
182 items

YaĠa saĠi saÔu (Songs of the language) 1947
Pike, K. L.
2 pages

Soule, Thayer travel-lecturer 19
2,952 ft silent color


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